Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Watched Pot Never Boils

How painful is this week's CNBC spiral of confusion as they feed the beast that is television?

From this morning's tortured interviews with folks on the floor searching for the meaning of life (that HAD to be a Monty Python parody- right?), to C-SPANesque silence as a parade of loser H-P geeks took the 5th (one of whom apparently overslept and showed up wearing what looked like wrinkled pajamas), only to be followed by cymbals crashing as we abruptly shifted to the Four Seasons Hotel for a Power Lunch infomercial with another ex-con, Martha Stewart.

The apparent shift change in CNBC's control room, right in the middle of the testimony of H-P's former Chair, once again swung the blinding TV lights on what is quite possibly the stupidest group of Television interns in the Free World.

How else do you explain such a basic lack of understanding or context?


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