Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I'm having ALL TIME HIGHS for Lunch!

For two months now we have been told weak housing, poor job numbers, lousy wages, CPI/PPI rolling over (because nobody has pricing power), awful Philly Fed numbers, declining demand for all sorts of energy, and so forth, are good for the market because the Fed will have to cut rates.

(Frankly, I was starting to think what we really needed to smash those stubborn all time highs was a good old fashioned natural disaster. Better yet, some sort of Biblical cataclysm!)

Now we have futures rolling over because of weak durable goods. WTF?! Nobody gives a $#&! about that stupid number! Who's the moron selling on that? That's BAD news you idiot!

Wait... Never mind. Art Hogan just predicted new highs by lunch.

Can you imagine the frustration over at CNBC HQ if we stop within 50 points and roll over? Do you realize how much time and money has been put into the special music and graphics and *whoosh* noises?


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