Thursday, October 12, 2006

Chart of the Day

Something for everyone from Chart of the Day...

The Dow made another record high today. So how does the current stock market rally rank? To answer this question and to provide some perspective, all major market rallies of the last 106 years are plotted on today's chart. Each dot represents a major stock market rally as measured by the Dow. So what does this chart show? As it stands right now, the current Dow rally would be classified as long in duration (1010 trading days) but slightly weak in magnitude (64%). Stay tuned...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting chart.HUGELY SO! Has me wondering is this is why the mkt has stubbornly reached the heights that provoke the shorts, and supports confidence in better days ahead. Regression to the mean could produce a powerful melt up. A good reason to not be in too much cash???? Where does this chart come from? What kind of reaction did you have to this data?

8:08 PM  

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